Mindfulness Courses

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Make Mindfulness Work

Mindfulness in the Workplace – stress relief and attention focus training seminars for managers & workers

Simply Being Mindfulness Program

6 week mind-body program in meditation, mindfulness and relaxation strategies for stress and pain relief

Seasonal Day Retreats in Mindfulness

Experience techniques in meditative breathing, body scan, mindful movement in spectacular rural settings

Mindfulness Class Offerings:

Tai Chi  mindful movement classes (North East Victoria)

Meditation Practice  group sessions (North East Victoria)

Stretch & Release mindful​​​​​ movement classes (North East Victoria)

​Contact: amanda@hoganhealth.com.au if you would like to know more about courses and classes on offer.

Simply Being 

Mindfulness Program

Change your perspective on stress

Make time to empower your own health

Teach your brain to switch off tension

Simply Being is a mind and body program that introduces stress management strategies and encourages you to achieve balance in physical and mental health with a mindful approach to life. This tailored, comprehensive program has been designed by a physiotherapist, merging neuroscience research with mindfulness-based emotional intelligence. It combines education on daily mindfulness tips, with mindful movement & stretches, relaxation and meditative breathing techniques.

Learn the art of “Simply Being”, in preference to “always doing”

Relaxation is your natural state when you stop creating tension

Refresh your mind with meditation

Relax your body with mindful awareness

Restore your movement with guided stretching

Group sessions run for 2 hours per week. This program is usually based in NE Victoria, unless negotiated otherwise. Private Health Insurance Extras rebates may apply and eligible clients may also be covered under Veteran Affairs, EPC, TAC or Workers Compensation Schemes.

Bookings are essential for this six week program

Contact: amanda@hoganhealth.com.au 

Mindfulness Presentations

Guest Speaker on the topic of Mindfulness in Health.

Women In Mind, Women In Kind- the presentation be can be specifically tailored for Women's Health. 

Learn THE ART OF SIMPLY BEING by cultivating a practice of mindfulness.

Embark upon the mindfulness journey with Women’s health Physiotherapist, Mandy Hogan.

As your teacher in mindfulness, relaxation techniques and meditative breathing Mandy can facilitate your shift for a calmer and clearer perspective in your life.

The theme of Mandy’s courses and presentations is ‘sharing, caring and believing’ using the topic of mindfulness.

“As women, we tend to take on so much and play many roles to many people. We can sometimes be so busy that we operate “on autopilot”, and rush our way through life. Often our vision is narrowed by the blinkers we wear as we power through our days, missing the “extra-ordinary” moments in our everyday lives. Mandy talks about managing stress by stepping back and regularly taking time out for yourself, to restore balance in the nervous systems. ”It takes a shift in perspective to learn to willingly deliver self-compassion and self-care, and not feeling guilty about it. However, when you yourself are nourished, you become free to share your gifts with others.”

Is it time to shift from a Human Doing to a Human Being?

It has become badge of honour to be busy, stressed and unavailable. With misinformed pride we’ve become addicted to productivity. It’s now evident that this is taking a toll on our health, with western societies suffering greatly from the stress epidemic of depression and anxiety.

The purpose of learning mindfulness is to live a longer, healthier and happier life, by minimising the risk that long term stress can have on our physical health and mental well-being.

Mindfulness is about knowing the difference between “the doing mode and the being mode”, and taking time to become aware of your internal and external environments. Mindfulness is also about observation without criticism; being compassionate with yourself. Mandy teaches some simple relaxation and meditation techniques to manage stress and prompts a more mindful attitude in reframing your interpretation of negative thoughts and situations. ”The art of mindfulness is training the mind for “simply being” in the moment. Give yourself permission to nurture your soul, to do the things that replenish your health. Give yourself the regular gift of a week, a day or an hour, with the intent to nourish your well-being. It’s not selfish. It’s wise.”

It’s important for your health as a woman to know there are tools and resources available to help improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Contact: amanda@hoganhealth.com.au if you would like to hear more at your next AGM, professional development session, or community group gathering.

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