The White Scarf

One white day a week

Wearing the “White Scarf of Compassion” is a symbol of dedicating some time to settle your mind and your body. Build a habit for regular moments of stillness so your mind can be free from fear, chatter and chaos.

You can think of this time as time for self- be it a "white" day, an hour, a weekend or a week!

Stop, focus and remind yourself to be fully aware of what you need to do to nourish yourself. With practise and permission you can treat yourself with respect and friendliness, allowing you to then share your gifts with others.


Find your heart that is open, compassionate and wise- nurture self, so you can serve others.

The Movement

The sharing of the white scarf will be underpinned by education of how mindful awareness and compassion can nourish self and serve others. We will educate and encourage a western woman to wear the white scarf as a symbol of her own self-nurture in order to then respect and fully interconnect with others.

Our intention will be to provide financial support to those living in fear and physical hardship whilst simultaneously cultivating gratitude for the simple things we often take for granted in our more affluent western lives.


Essentially, as humans we all desire to be safe and protected, happy and healthy and to live with ease and peace in our lives.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

Compassion finds the sameness between people from all walks of life and acknowledges that others are ‘just like me’.

Self-compassion fosters an ability to treat ourselves with understanding and concern and encourages us to be open to giving and receiving.


With mindfulness, we learn to be more aware of what is happening in the present moment: within our bodies, our environments and inside our minds. 

When we practice taking time to simply be still, we can learn to notice and become more sensitive to how we experience our sensations, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Mindful living encourages us to replenish and revitalise life by giving ourselves time and permission to take care of both physical and mental well- being.


Meditation can strengthen inner resilience and calm.