Practise Compassion

Be kind to yourself

Your Self-Compassion Practise

“As I breathe in, I do my best. As I breathe out, I let go of the rest.”

With practice and permission, you can treat yourself with respect and friendliness.

Wear the White Scarf or Beads of Compassion as a symbol of dedicating some time to settle your mind and replenish your body.

Cultivate a regular habit of mindfulness, for moments of stillness, to free your mind from fear, chatter and chaos.

Nourish yourself with self-compassion so you can then share your gifts with others.​

Be kind to others

 Practise Loving Kindness Meditation

“May you be safe and free from suffering.”

“May you be happy and healthy.”

“May you live with ease.”

Find your heart that is open, compassionate and wise.

Have a mind and heart that is accepting and non-judgmental.

Create an attitude and an environment that benefits others.

Become sensitive to the suffering and distress in others, and choose to relieve it, if you can.

Give generously in time, thought and resources; share your best self to help others.

See the similarities in humans and know that other people’s challenges, dreams and aspirations are often ‘just like me’.

Do random acts of kindness, without needing acknowledgement for your generosity.

Offer loving kindness to everyone you meet, even in difficult interactions and communications. 

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."  

Dalai Lama