Cultivate Compassion

Everybody has a unique story, yet we are all essentially the same.

The powerful human connection is there to be shared when we can create compassion.

Nurture self and serve others.​

The White Scarf

Wear the “White Scarf of Compassion” as a symbol of dedicating some time to settle

your mind and your body.

Nourish yourself, so you can then share your gifts with others.​

Make The Connection

With mindfulness, we learn to be more aware of what is happening in the present moment: within our bodies, our environments and inside our minds.

As we become more aware, we can better observe and respond to the needs of our minds and our bodies.

Where attention goes, energy flows – this opens the connection between mind and body.

Our Shared Mission

Connect with Compassion is a not-for-profit health and education project.

Our mission is for Connect with Compassion to embed mindfulness in the lives of individuals and within communities for connection of the human spirit.​

We intend  to create a cycle of giving and receiving for cultivating gratitude, compassion and generosity amongst all people.