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Fundraising Events to

Connect with Compassion

Proudly supporting women for
sustainable  enterprises


Chick Champs- rural income generation in Nepal

A pilot grass roots sustainable income generation project aimed at economically empowering women in rural Nepal. By building chicken coops and providing them with chickens they are then able to generate income through the selling of eggs. This was trialled in 2022 in Palpa district and Kaski district. 

A donation to this project supports a woman to receive chicks, a coop and training to become a chicken champion. This then enables her to  contribute back into her community. 

A true gift that keeps giving

Connect with Compassion by wearing

the Scarf or Beads 

You can purchase our not-for-profit merchandise when you attend any of our upcoming events.

Purchase a Compassion scarf or Compassion beads. Contact:

Make a donation to support the growth and independence of women in Nepal and Bali

Celebrating Connect with Compassion Progress Report
When you buy a WHITE SCARF, you will PAY IT FORWARD to a young woman in need
 is four years since we initially travelled to Nepal to embark on our Connect with Compassion adventure and began our white scarf project.
In that time, Fairtrade organisation ACP and Seven Women have made and stitched over 1500 scarves, created 500 compassion beads. These have all arrived in Australia and are being sold at our Mindfulness events.  

We have held 12 Events in Melbourne, Wangaratta and Bali where over 800 people have joined us for documentary screenings, lunches, Tai Chi and Mindfulness training.

These fundraising events have meant we have donated nearly $16,000 to Seven Women (  and nearly $6000 has been donated to Baliwise ( These are both organisations that focus on empowering young women with education, and employment opportunity. 


 Connect with Compassion has sponsored six young women to complete their Hospitality and Tourism Course in Bali and 5 young female students to study at university, secondary school or college in Nepal. The money from the sale of the scarves goes towards supporting one young woman to enable her to complete her Bachelor of Nursing Degree in Kathmandu.  

Our scarves have sold so well that now women are wearing them in USA, Asia, Europe as well as Australia -amazing! 


2018 -Mandy, her husband, Marty and daughter, Clare had the opportunity to meet Srijana from NAG School, who is currently studying her Bachelor in Nursing, fully supported by the sale of white scarves. 

2019- Liz and Mandy and all their family members (total of 11) visited Nepal in November 2019, to spend time with the Seven Women organisation and test out the newly opened Guesthouse. Great friendships were developed with all the women but particularly their sponsored students Bimala, Pushpa, Kopila, Mina and Srijana. 


2019-with this visit to  Bali, we united both organisation's by personally the dynamic young Directors: Fena  (Baliwise) and Anita (Seven Women).  With their shared visions and similar programs, we have put them in touch so they can connect and exchange ideas and offer support to each other.  The Baliwise hospitality students were each presented with a scarf and an educational workshop on how to self-nurture in March 2018, and November 2018. 

2019- a mindfulness program was provided for the staff and students of Baliwise, teaching them skills in self-nurture, empowerment and

​confidence run at the permaculture centre in Nusa Dua

If you would like to buy a scarf for yourself and pay-one--forward to empower a female Nepal or Bali student, then please contact Liz on Scarves are $15 each
Many thanks for your support and encouragement over the past year and we look forward to seeing you again at one of our Events in the future
Kind regards
Liz and Mandy

Nepal -Liz, Anita & Mandy

Mandy, Nursing Student Srijana & Liz

Nepalese College student Pushpa

Nepalese University student Bimala

Nepalese Secondary school student Kopila

Baliwise Mindfulness Program

Connection with your Compassion

Donate to charities that support marginalised women. 

The NAG School

Home of new hopes, is a street children's aid facility in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Make a donation to support the futures of children at risk. . If you are interested in a sponsorship, please contact Eliane Gallati at

Each scarf bought will contribute to a scholarship fund for one NAG School student to progress to the study of Nursing at University. 

Baliwise Foundation

Make a donation to support vocational training scholarships for young Indonesian and Balinese women to break their cycle of poverty. If you are interested in a sponsorship, please go on-line to search a student in need of sponsorship. 

When you  sponsor a student, this fund covers the basic student costs. It includes food, uniforms, study books, their expense allowance which they can send back to their families, transport costs etc.

The quickest way to break the poverty cycle is to empower marginalized women through skills education which allows them to gain quality employment with a reasonable salary. Unskilled women usually earn around $50 to $80 per month, whereas a skilled woman receives at least a minimum salary of $200 per month. (Approximate US $ Dollars) When these women from marginalized and financially challenged backgrounds get a quality job, they typically sent or give up to 80% of their monthly salary to their parents and other family members. This way, they help to pay off debt, rebuild the family home, put brothers and sisters through school and college and thus break the poverty cycle.

Maiti Nepal

Friends of Maiti Nepal is dedicated to addressing the human rights crisis of girl sex trafficking. We support the life-saving work of Maiti Nepal in Kathmandu and India - rescuing victims of trafficking, working with police and courts to prosecute traffickers, raising public awareness, operating prevention programs, and providing a home to rescued women and children.

Make a donation to support the prevent and rehabilitation of women who are victims of sex-trafficking in Nepal

The Connect With Compassion Cycle

Express your interest in our Connect with Compassion cycle which intends to give back to marginalised women to assist with skills, training, support or equipment to enhance a woman’s economic independence.