Connect with Compassion Purpose

Mandy Hogan

I want to be part of the change I wish to see in this world.

As a woman and as a health professional, I strive to make a difference to the health and happiness of all people.

My vocational mission is to positively impact the well-being of others.

I passionately believe that we can proactively influence our mental and physical health, both individually and on a broader scale.

Be The Changemaker

To make a difference in my circle of influence

The concept of Connect with Compassion is a vision that draws together my three areas of passion: women’s health, mindfulness and global impact. In my opinion, there is an urgent need to manage the escalating epidemic of stress-related mental and physical health issues. A mindful revolution seems to be unfolding in our Western society as a likely response to the need for reducing this distress, and we seem to be slowly recognising what the eastern traditions have known for thousands of years. Meditation is the body’s natural way to manage stress.

I now seek the opportunity to personally contribute to improving the health of others with mindfulness education and skills that can minimise the negative impact stress has on our physical and mental health. I would love to strengthen attitudinal change in medical communities that mind does matter in physical health. My professional vision is a Western health model that prescribes meditation as an essential practice for optimising mental health, in the same way that exercise is an accepted recommendation for improving and sustaining physical health.

To grow in knowledge and wisdom

As a physiotherapist, for many years I’ve studied and applied the practice of finding the physical cause of injury and disease. Yet, even as an experienced professional, I had given very little attention to the influence that the mind could play in determining our wellness. Then some years ago, I had that theory tested out on myself. My busy, overcommitted life overwhelmed me, delivering a chronic condition that challenged my physicality and, thankfully, my perception of how I live my life.

In time and with practice, I have gathered enough awareness to appreciate the law of nature that has interconnectedness in opposing forces. Just as there cannot be light without dark, day without night, masculine without feminine, I now respect that there cannot be Yang (energy and movement) without Yin (stillness and calm). The law of nature requires balance. We cannot afford to ignore the need for balance in doing and being.

Prolific sourcing of the neuroscience knowledge has created a complete paradigm shift in my approach to looking after myself and my patients. This has since changed the way I work, live and interact with others. I now have a strong proactive focus on finding some ‘space’ in my day to sit and be still, knowing that it is nurturing my mental and physical health and regaining the equilibrium.

By challenging my own attitudes and beliefs, I now have much greater insight into the complexities of people’s biological, social and emotional needs. I fully recognise the value of supporting mental wellness as well as optimum physical health.

To lead a purposeful life

From my perspective, the Connect with Compassion project is about facilitating mindfulness behaviours to connect Western women, who may be suffering from the discomfort of mental pressures, with Third World women, who are mostly experiencing the fear, in justice and the hardship of their physical conditions.

I see the sharing of a white scarf as a simple symbol of self-compassion to prompt greater appreciation of the need to create balance in our lives, matching stillness with energy, Yin with Yang. Once able to recognise the need to nurture ourselves, we may then be able to experience greater gratitude for the opportunities we have in the Western world and choose to share generously to improve the opportunities for those who need greater support to live happier and healthier lives

The creation of this cycle of giving and receiving is intended to cultivate greater compassion, gratitude and kindness amongst all humans across of the globe.