Make Time For a 'White' Day of Compassion

Wearing the white scarf of compassion is a symbol of dedicating some time to settle your mind and your body.

Wear your white scarf or beads of compassion

Dedicate one ‘white day’ of compassion for yourself each week.

Simply give yourself permission to find an allocation of time that serves you to replenish your well-being regularly. This could be for an hour, a half-day, a full day, a weekend or a holiday!

Nourish yourself, so you can then share your gifts more fully with others. 

The symbolic wearing your scarf or your beads is your reminder that you value time for yourself. You do not need to make excuses or diminish the practice of being worthy to your own needs. 

The judging mind can always find something that isn’t quite right, particularly when it’s looking at that thing called self.

Talk kindly to yourself and let go of the mental struggle.

With practice and permission, you can treat yourself with respect and friendliness.

Build a habit for regular moments of stillness so your mind can be free from fear, chatter and chaos.

This may be 3 minutes, 10 minutes or 30 minutes to sit quietly in reflective meditative stillness.

It’s not selfish. It’s wise.

Enjoy your favourite things that soothe, settle and replenish you

• Awaken your senses and ‘smell the roses’.

• Walk alone or with a friend.

• Ride a bike or a horse, swing a golf club or a racquet.

• Be outside and feel the sun on your face and fresh air on your skin.

• Read a book or magazine that you love.

• Listen to a podcast, laugh at a movie.

• Make yourself a nourishing meal, appreciating its health value.

• Simply stand outside on the grass in bare feet and feel the ground.

• Watch the cloud formations change in the sky.

• Marvel at the stars and moon.

• Write in your journal.

• Sing out loud.

• Indulge your creativity: draw / paint / sew / build.

• Look after your physical body – do you need a nap or some exercise?

• Find your thing.

“Everyday life offers endless opportunities for us to stop, to focus, to remind ourselves to be fully awake and present to what is happening right now.”